The Domestic Oddess

“Wireless Transmission” V “Far Sight”

Posted on: 02/02/2010

Television is always seen as lesser, stupider and unhealthier than its older cousin Radio.  The boyfriend insists on carrying a pocket device with a huge Ariel around the flat which he cranks up to Radio 4  on  in the mornings, whilst he’s washing up or generally when I’m not in the house because I’m NOT a Radio listener.  There, I said it!  I like to look at what I am hearing and because of that, Radio and its apparently posh voice doesn’t cut it for me.

I tried.  When I was a child, I used to tune into R4 on Thursday evenings to listen to the children’s stories, and I did quite enjoy them.  But as I grew up, and due to my impatient nature, I preferred recording all the songs I liked off the chart programmes and putting them on a tape minus commentary- although, inevitably, some loud-mouth DJ would shout all the way over the end of a great tune and every time I listened to that tape, he would be there, tagging on to the part of the Radio I wanted to steal away from him.

Television, when it came into our homes was supposed to replace Radio as a new media with pictures.  It soon had a home in our living rooms that Radio could only have dreamt of.  People thought this new technology was amazing until too many people were having T.V. dinners.  Then, it became bad for us.  What a shame.

Actually, television has made a lot of things easier.  Film has benefitted because the technology has worked together with Video and DVD.  Computer screens exist because of the television, Radio didn’t help any of this progress- if we had stuck to that technology we would have very boring home movies and the cinema would be even more expensive, perhaps even exclusive.

There are still good programmes on the box albeit the docu-soap and celeb culture and it’s not fair to categorise all television as “bad” and “rubbish”.  At one point it was an innovation- at one point, people switched away from Radio to view the news, talk shows, quizzes and wildlife programmes.  New T.V. channels have indeed brought with them some terrible programmes, but as on the Radio, you can tune out and find a different voice.

Isn’t Radio just T.V. without pictures?


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