The Domestic Oddess

Why Ever Not?

Posted on: 22/01/2010

There was no post for me, just a copy of “The Economist” for the boyfriend which i am sure is very good but it just looks so boring- although unless there is a bit of pink or sparkle i tend to lose interest quite quickly.  Just did a spot of left-handed baking (btw hand whisks were only intended for the right-handed), and it didn’t go that badly.  I have to say, i much prefer silicone cupcake cases, the cakes don’t get soggy and burnt on top and the paper is not present to stick all over the finished article (I think that makes sense?).  Anyway, here’s the recipe for Queen Cakes from “The Good Housekeeping Cookery Book”:

Makes 16

4oz butter/marge

4oz caster sugar

4oz Self-raising flour

2oz sultanas/glace cherries

2 eggs, beaten

Cream butter/marge and sugar together until fluffy and pale.

Beat in the eggs, adding a little at a time.

Fold in flour and add sultanas/glace cherries.

Spoon into cake cases so they are 1/2 full and put in oven, middle shelf- Gas 5 or 190 degrees

Cook for 15-20 mins

They are nice and easy to make which is what i wanted being one hand down- i usually love making “Hummingbird Bakery” cakes but they require more hands on the job than just lefty, although they are great cakes… think i should probably stop talking about cakes now… anyway, (some kind of clearing throat), the weather today is horrible- it actually looks like someone forgot to colour in the sky, and the rain is relentless but at least it’s not snow.  I liked snow before 2010.  It was unpredictable and exciting, but like with anything that starts being in your life everyday, like washing- up or watching daytime T.V, it soon became a bore, an annoyingly pretty one.


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