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Hello world!

Posted on: 22/01/2010

Last Saturday i fell on the ice and dislocated my elbow.  After a lot of morphine and a pretty scary X-ray, i was sent home in a cab and fell into a drug-induced sleep dreaming of white horses carrying me across the snow in a coach that resembled a wooden garden shed.  Then i woke up.  To reality.  And my boyfriend, who looked like he needed a lot more sleep- apparently, i had decided to document my dream all night, and there was no “off” button like there is with “Dispatches”.  So he’d had to listen.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the loss of old righty (That’s an affectionate term for my right arm, which i miss a lot), and i have since been to the hospital to have the huge plaster cast removed and replaced by a stylish navy blue sling, complete with waist band and Velcro (Is that still a trademark?)  straps- very comfy but it doesn’t change the fact that righty, although happy to sit in the sling like a baby, is still very much useless.  So, no work for me until the beginning of Feburary and i’m not sure how i feel about that.

After a while, checking Facebook to see if anyone has commented on my “Cast is off!” status update, watching endless old films and really bad chatshows and realising that the furthest i had gone in a day was to the kitchen and back to the sofa (which isn’t very far), gets…very…very…dull.  Yesterday, as i sat on the sofa in a state of extreme boredom, i decided to clean.  I like cleaning, a bit too much and the boyfriend knew i would be tempted and kept telling me not to…so i did!

I cleaned all of our 5 living areas minus an arm and i thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hoovered the floors, under the bed, sorted out the shoe rack, got rid of an entire forest of paper, wiped all the surfaces down and got rid of limescale on the taps with white vinegar diluted with water, scrubbed on with an old toothbrush (Always rinse the vinegar off after, it is an acid after all).

I could’ve read “The Road” by Cormac Mccarthy- which by the way got me through the hour wait to get my cast off and is really well-written, spectacularly sad but amazing imagry and great humane characters.   Or watched another re-run of “Come Dine With Me” on T.V.  However, righty wasn’t complaining, and i felt a sense of accomplishment at the end, like i had done something with my day.  And i had- OOO! post is here, see you later!


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The dreams you had when they were operating on you are also of note: “cakes and me”, you said. x

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