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Television is always seen as lesser, stupider and unhealthier than its older cousin Radio.  The boyfriend insists on carrying a pocket device with a huge Ariel around the flat which he cranks up to Radio 4  on  in the mornings, whilst he’s washing up or generally when I’m not in the house because I’m NOT a Radio listener.  There, I said it!  I like to look at what I am hearing and because of that, Radio and its apparently posh voice doesn’t cut it for me.

I tried.  When I was a child, I used to tune into R4 on Thursday evenings to listen to the children’s stories, and I did quite enjoy them.  But as I grew up, and due to my impatient nature, I preferred recording all the songs I liked off the chart programmes and putting them on a tape minus commentary- although, inevitably, some loud-mouth DJ would shout all the way over the end of a great tune and every time I listened to that tape, he would be there, tagging on to the part of the Radio I wanted to steal away from him.

Television, when it came into our homes was supposed to replace Radio as a new media with pictures.  It soon had a home in our living rooms that Radio could only have dreamt of.  People thought this new technology was amazing until too many people were having T.V. dinners.  Then, it became bad for us.  What a shame.

Actually, television has made a lot of things easier.  Film has benefitted because the technology has worked together with Video and DVD.  Computer screens exist because of the television, Radio didn’t help any of this progress- if we had stuck to that technology we would have very boring home movies and the cinema would be even more expensive, perhaps even exclusive.

There are still good programmes on the box albeit the docu-soap and celeb culture and it’s not fair to categorise all television as “bad” and “rubbish”.  At one point it was an innovation- at one point, people switched away from Radio to view the news, talk shows, quizzes and wildlife programmes.  New T.V. channels have indeed brought with them some terrible programmes, but as on the Radio, you can tune out and find a different voice.

Isn’t Radio just T.V. without pictures?


I am giving the boyfriend, and indeed, all my friends in London a break from one-armed madness and have come to my parent’s house for a week.  That means, no cleaning or cooking and mostly long coastal walks and reading the rest of “The Road”- i think the characters are not long for their post-apocalyptic world.

However, my mum has “Delia Smith’s Book of Cakes” which i need to go through and pick out some to post up- mostly because when i get home i will be able to make them myself!

Was watching “The Hairy Bikers” on T.V last night, they made buttermilk pudding which looked disgusting at first as the buttermilk curdles with the rest of the ingredients, but after it was cooked it looked quite a lot nicer- and that it could cause a heart attack!  But hey, if you’re only having a slither…

There was no post for me, just a copy of “The Economist” for the boyfriend which i am sure is very good but it just looks so boring- although unless there is a bit of pink or sparkle i tend to lose interest quite quickly.  Just did a spot of left-handed baking (btw hand whisks were only intended for the right-handed), and it didn’t go that badly.  I have to say, i much prefer silicone cupcake cases, the cakes don’t get soggy and burnt on top and the paper is not present to stick all over the finished article (I think that makes sense?).  Anyway, here’s the recipe for Queen Cakes from “The Good Housekeeping Cookery Book”:

Makes 16

4oz butter/marge

4oz caster sugar

4oz Self-raising flour

2oz sultanas/glace cherries

2 eggs, beaten

Cream butter/marge and sugar together until fluffy and pale.

Beat in the eggs, adding a little at a time.

Fold in flour and add sultanas/glace cherries.

Spoon into cake cases so they are 1/2 full and put in oven, middle shelf- Gas 5 or 190 degrees

Cook for 15-20 mins

They are nice and easy to make which is what i wanted being one hand down- i usually love making “Hummingbird Bakery” cakes but they require more hands on the job than just lefty, although they are great cakes… think i should probably stop talking about cakes now… anyway, (some kind of clearing throat), the weather today is horrible- it actually looks like someone forgot to colour in the sky, and the rain is relentless but at least it’s not snow.  I liked snow before 2010.  It was unpredictable and exciting, but like with anything that starts being in your life everyday, like washing- up or watching daytime T.V, it soon became a bore, an annoyingly pretty one.

Last Saturday i fell on the ice and dislocated my elbow.  After a lot of morphine and a pretty scary X-ray, i was sent home in a cab and fell into a drug-induced sleep dreaming of white horses carrying me across the snow in a coach that resembled a wooden garden shed.  Then i woke up.  To reality.  And my boyfriend, who looked like he needed a lot more sleep- apparently, i had decided to document my dream all night, and there was no “off” button like there is with “Dispatches”.  So he’d had to listen.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the loss of old righty (That’s an affectionate term for my right arm, which i miss a lot), and i have since been to the hospital to have the huge plaster cast removed and replaced by a stylish navy blue sling, complete with waist band and Velcro (Is that still a trademark?)  straps- very comfy but it doesn’t change the fact that righty, although happy to sit in the sling like a baby, is still very much useless.  So, no work for me until the beginning of Feburary and i’m not sure how i feel about that.

After a while, checking Facebook to see if anyone has commented on my “Cast is off!” status update, watching endless old films and really bad chatshows and realising that the furthest i had gone in a day was to the kitchen and back to the sofa (which isn’t very far), gets…very…very…dull.  Yesterday, as i sat on the sofa in a state of extreme boredom, i decided to clean.  I like cleaning, a bit too much and the boyfriend knew i would be tempted and kept telling me not to…so i did!

I cleaned all of our 5 living areas minus an arm and i thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hoovered the floors, under the bed, sorted out the shoe rack, got rid of an entire forest of paper, wiped all the surfaces down and got rid of limescale on the taps with white vinegar diluted with water, scrubbed on with an old toothbrush (Always rinse the vinegar off after, it is an acid after all).

I could’ve read “The Road” by Cormac Mccarthy- which by the way got me through the hour wait to get my cast off and is really well-written, spectacularly sad but amazing imagry and great humane characters.   Or watched another re-run of “Come Dine With Me” on T.V.  However, righty wasn’t complaining, and i felt a sense of accomplishment at the end, like i had done something with my day.  And i had- OOO! post is here, see you later!

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